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ODAKA x HOC presenting
the SLOW COFFEE concept
at Fresh Paint Festival-2023

Join us at Jaffa Port Warehouses 2&3 as we hand-brew specialty coffee beans exclusively for you!


During May 30th to June 4th, we will be introducing our Slow Coffee collaboration —  five distinct Slow Coffee kits tailored to cater to various coffee preferences. 

 Slow Coffee kit includes:

These kits are available in two stunning colors: driftwood and sand, featuring premium special glazing.


In addition to the Slow Coffee kits, we are thrilled to offer a COFFEE SUBSCRIPTION.


When ordering your kit, you can also opt for a convenient coffee subscription, ensuring regular coffee deliveries to your doorstep every month.

"We believe in the power of shared experiences, where artistry, coffee and craftsmanship converge. This project is a celebration of slow living, offering a serene escape from the pace of modern life". 

About the Fresh Paint Festival

Freshpaint, Israel’s art & design fair, is held for over a decade in Tel Aviv – the beating heart of the Israeli cultural world.

The fair was established to provide a meeting point between the general public and Israeli artists, attracting a curious, updated crowd of more than 40,000 visitors each year.

Date: May 30 - June 4, 2023
Address: Tel Aviv Jaffa Port, Warehouses 2&3,
ODAKA x HOC booth - 2nd floor

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